Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Update May

Hello friends,

I am absorbed in Stellaris 1.5 and Factorio 0.15 is very nice as well.
Besides that I am running a Rimworld playthrough.

I am wondering if I could fit in either a Europa Universalis 4 or another Hearts of Iron 4 campaign.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Youtube Gamers Video Length

Most youtube let's play videos are about 15 to 20 minutes long. I decided nine month ago, mid 2016 that I am going to make 30 minutes videos in the future.

There are several reasons for that I will come to a bit later.

First of I have to clear something right away a misconception about youtube average view times.
1) It's great to have a high 'Average view duration' in the analytics tab of your channel.
2) To think that you should do 5 minutes videos because your average view time is 4 minutes and 34 seconds is wrong.

The view duration goes down if the content you produce isn't to the liking of the viewer. It doesn't matter if they watch for 10 seconds or a minute, it will pull the view duration down. If you have 30 minutes videos and you have some of these people I call “trooper” (people who watch a series, episode for episode, binging it) the view duration will go up whatever the length of your video is.

Another topic are sketches like Door Monster does it. Three to five minutes with a punch line. These aren't let's plays and the video length of those have nothing to do with the length of those.

I may be on the wrong path when I increase the length of the bite to give to the viewer. I just happen to have the time to put out 30 minutes videos per playthrough I do and I am well aware that people only watch on or at most two playthroughs of mine. At the moment that's Factorio, RimWorld and two let's plays of Stellaris, one peacefull the other isn't.

I'd argue that if someone plays only one or two similar games it might be logical to keep the videos a bit shorter. An example of this is The Loresworn Order in which case I just lack the time to watch EU4, Stellaris and CK2 and am happy if I can keep up with one.

I originally had the plan to do 40-60 minute episodes of a game I play with cutting and everything to make it actually TV like and I realised that the appeal of youtube is that it's not TV. One easily could binge or not binge or do whatever they want, which is the great success of Netflix and Amazon Prime and the others I can't remember.

On another note: I am still not sure if I should name all my episodes. At the moment all of them are numbered except the Factorio ones which have names. Usally silly ones. Does it spoiler what happens? Does it increase the click rate because people might stumble upon it?

Partial conclusion: For Factorio, 30 minutes episodes all the way all time. (I'd say the same for minecraft, you can't do anything in 20 minutes). Besides, it makes it really painfull to save scam *cough*

Sunday, 19 March 2017

March 2017 - Hearts of Iron 4 - Kaiserreich mod

I am waiting for Stellaris 1.5
I just plowed through 40 episodes of Stellaris 1.4

The current games are as always Factorio and Rimworld.

Let's talk about Hearts of Iron 4 though. I am playing the Kaiserreich mod (thanks again Loresworn Order for showing it off)

Syndicalist France is living in fear of another war with the vastly superior German Empire. It's leading force of the Third International, a socialist black of two countries. So in 1936 everything in France shifts gears as the great leader Commandelicious takes command of the great nation of France. The ties to the British Union, another socialist country, are being hardened, the production of factories becomes paramount.
With the new found unity of the Commune the french try to expand their influence over the globe. A bloody second american civil war erupts, a few month later a spanish civil war.
Volunteers are being sent to help the syndicalists in the territory formaly known as United States of America.
The Union of Britain has dreams as well and declare war on the unified Ireland.

So, what is going to happen next? Will the great armies of France and Germany clash again? Will the second revolution erupt in Russia?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Next games for late February

Rimworld Tribes Reloaded - Wanderlust

I will go and wander around in Rimworld, that might very well be a really short playthrough :D

On my list are as well:
Europa Universalis 4 no idea with what country though
Here is the Police

and further down the list
Hearts of Iron 4
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Civ 6
Star Ruler 2

and when it comes: Stellaris 1.5

Please leave suggestions in the comment section, I really need some advice what to play next :D

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Banana Pi M3 - Day 2

Ok, I fiddled with openVPN which is a pest and with citadel which doesn't work at all and after that I nearly got softether to work. I will get to that in a few days maybe.

Anyway, I have irssi working, got psybnc to work and fiddled with the bashrc a bit and made my abti user able to do the sudo dance.

The IRC stuff isn't that interessting but I will go over that as well in my video.
Well, and I set the timezone. I made my bash show me the time and it was really off.

adduser USERNAME sudo
nano /etc/sudoers

(and put the user in there)

sudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/London /etc/localtime

well, for me it was
sudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin /etc/localtime

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Banana Pi M3 - Day 1

Ok, I was waiting for my Banana Pi to arrive, at 15:30 my mom calls, the packege from 'a packet service I now really dislike' had put the package in the car port. Great.
I arrive at 16:00 at my parents place and start unpacking. I need to get the stuff going there. At least that's what I am thinking at the time.
The raspberian I got with the Pi boots without problems. The ubuntu I wanted on the machine takes however to download.
So I start configuring the Rasperian and it goes quite well. At 21:00 I go home. I didn't achieve much but continue at my place.

What works:
- My keyboard layout (don't laugh, actually important and not that easy to manage with the wrong one)
- I changed the IP, very important to actually have it in the network obviously.
- Then I got the ssh daemon running to connect from my laptop and desktop computers on the little thing
- Well, and I installed irssi 8)

- And teamspeak is a work in progress

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Delicious Pi - Raspberry pi and things

Well then,

I decided to get two banana pi. One for my dad and one for me.
Here is the plan: I am going to set a VPN up between us and use the banana pi as a NAS device and some other stuff that came to my mind.
My dad has a two terrabyte Datengrab (data grave, best german word ever) on his Fritz Box, the problem is, that thing only supports USB 2.
Besides that I want to run a VPN I want:
- a Teamspeakserver
- a free exchange variant for my dad
- Some kind of weather app so he stops pestering me about his weather station on the garage roof …
(Well, I just found out that there is a USB-DVBT stick that can get the data from a station (if said station sends data over sweet radio waves)

Second step is to get one or two raspberry pi and get them with some wiring to work as a building automation bus system thing.
Yes, that will take time and hopefully I can end this by end of 2017. I am at the moment looking into different solutions. One is the KNX protocoll which I never used and don't understand what so ever. The KNX hardware you can buy is very expensive so I had to build the bus on my own and code the stuff on my own which brings me to:
Motorola Märklin/ DCC (Digital Command Control) protocoll. I know how this works, kind of. The problem here is that I won't actually use the 18 V it provides. I only need the signal. Besides that, this bus can't report back so I would need another line to report the status of a light or the temperature or whatever.

LNC Bus seems to be the best for that project because it doesn't require more kables to be put into random walls. 

Anyway, I will be putting out videos about this here: "Delicious Pi Channel"

The Banana Pi M3 has a CAN Bus chip on it. So I will use the CAN Bus system to deliver and receive data from other things. And by things I mean basically everything I want to connect to it.